For all wine connoisseurs and our guests - Midalidare ESTATE is just a click away:
Midalidare Estate App is a tool, enhancing your adventures with us and guiding your through Midalidare ESTATE. You will be informed about our new products and use the practical features of the app anywhere in the world.
Midalidare Estate Dabovets Terroir
The latest and most useful information about
  • Wineries and Winemaking
  • Hotel and SPA, Fishing, Gastro Pub.
    A feature providing you with information regarding product selection from our wine list, as well as the best food combinations you can enjoy our wines with.
    of our products and wine sorts
  • And a lot more coming soon...
Midalidare Estate Mobile App
is a product of One Design Bureau created for Midalidare Estate.

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